Workshop 1: Aspects of green space planning and quality

Ljubljana: 27 March 2018 at 9.00 am  

Part 1: field trip (North City Park - Navje, Ljubljana and other open spaces in the city centre)
Part 2: Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia, Trnovski pristan 2, Ljubljana

The main objectives of the workshop were: 

  • to present different public open spaces in Ljubljana (field visit) and to discuss the design of these spaces to promote physical activity,
  • experiencing green spaces and walkability in practice - experiencing the attractiveness and suitability of space for walking and other activities, the importance of experiencing space, the connectivity of open spaces in urban area,
  • to present the complexity of spatial planning and the process of planning green spaces through an example - from the definitions in the municipal plan (OPN) and the green system to the implementation level and aspects of management and maintenance (example of the visited North City Park Navje in Ljubljana),
  • outlining the starting points for criteria and indicators for green spaces to promote physical activity, which will form the basis for the development of guidelines.


Foto: © UIRS, 2018

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